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Glee Bang

a big bang challenge for Glee and Glee RPF

Glee Bang!
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A fanfiction challenge for Glee and Glee RPF

Welcome to gleebang, a Big Bang challenge for Glee and Glee RPF!

The Challenge:
    A Big Bang, in the tradition of such communities as big_bang_hd, spn_j2_bigbang, and particularly bandombigbang, is a fic challenge that encourages writers to write lengthy fic accompanied by artwork and fanmixes.

The Goal:
    To write a 15,000 word Glee or Glee RPF fanfic. Those who complete the challenge on time will be rewarded with a fanmix and art made especially for their fic. While the minimum length to participate is 15,000, longer fic is very encouraged.

The Timeline:
    Sept. 9th: Sign-ups open.
    Oct. 6th: Writer sign-ups close.
    Nov. 1st: #1 Author Check-In
    Dec. 17th: #2 Author Check-In
    Feb. 1st: #3 Author Check-In
    March 2nd: All rough drafts due.
    March 3rd: Summaries posted for claiming.
    March 25th: All final drafts due.
    March 26th: Posting dates emailed out.
    March 27th: Posting begins.

    We have a Q&A post here. For any more questions, drop us a comment there or email us at gleebang@gmail.com!